Saturday, Jul 13
Doors open at 09:00 PM
Playa Santa Teresa

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We are proud to present TWILIGHT GROOVE, a musical evening starting at 9:00 PM featuring two amazing guests from the capital.

Our friend DJ and producer Matahari, known for his eclectic mixes and dynamic stage presence, seamlessly blends melodic house, techno, and progressive elements, creating an immersive auditory experience.

Following Matahari, Mikele Macri will captivate us with his charming style. A legendary and pioneering DJ in the electronic music scene in Santa Teresa, Mikele's sets are a journey through house music, characterized by his unique ability to blend soulful rhythms with energetic beats.

Leading up to our special guest of the night, Fercho Salazar. Who better than Fercho, with over 10 years of experience as a pioneering DJ in electronic music in Costa Rica, to delight us with a good groove? Fercho, a resident of one of the most famous electronic houses in Costa Rica (Antik), has actively participated in important festivals such as Ocaso Festival, Envision Festival, and Electric Animals, among others. His distinctive sound blends Indie Dance, Melodic Techno, and Afro House. Don't miss his set from 12:30 midnight to 2:30 AM.

We will conclude the night with our beloved Italian DJ and Santa Teresa resident, Pasquale, who always keeps us dancing and truly understands groove and good musical taste.

But the party does not end there. For those who want to continue dancing, we will have an after-party with Miranda, who will guide us on a journey of sunrise vibes.

Stay informed through our Instagram @Underground.stmusic. The event will take place in a new location, a private villa with the best possible atmosphere, security, and Neapolitan pizza at your fingertips.

Alcohol and minors are not allowed. ID is mandatory, as well as black or red clothing.

See you soon!!!


This event has ended.

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