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Welcome Summer Fest

Viernes, Mar 01
Puertas abren 06:00 PM
Club Hípico La Caraña

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Welcome Summer Fest

Bienvenido Summer Fest

01 de marzo de 2024 a las 6:00 pm a 0:00 am

Club Hípico La Caraña, Santa Ana
NICR Summer Fest Event Norms Acknowledgement

Dear NIers,

We are excited to host our Summer Fest Event, a fun-filled event with games, food, music, and drinks. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, we have established some ground rules for the event:

  1. Responsible Alcohol Consumption: Although having a great time is our goal, your safety is our priority which is why each person will be assigned a specific number of drink tokens. The company expects you to commit to drinking responsibly and not exceeding your allotted limit.

  2. Prohibition of External Beverages: Bringing any external beverages or food into the venue is strictly prohibited. This includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

  3. No Smoking: Smoking, including both regular and electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited at the event venue. Please respect this guideline for the health and comfort of all attendees.

  4. Compliance with Company Policies: Remember that this is a company event, and all NI Policies apply. Please always conduct yourself professionally and respectfully. Failure to comply with internal policies may impact your employment relationship.

  5. Security Rules: Follow all security rules and guidelines provided by the event venue and vendors. Your safety is our priority, and adherence to these rules is essential.

By attending the NICR Summer Fest Event, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these norms. We look forward to celebrating together and making this event memorable for everyone.


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